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Lubrication and Maintenance for a Typical Lionel Steam Locomotive

 Lionel produced and sold hundreds of thousands of train sets from 1945 to 1969 in what is commonly called the Postwar Era. We will address the lubrication and maintenance of a six wheel steam locomotive that will most likely apply to the model train you own. Here’s what you do to keep it in tiptop running condition.

Clean the wheels (where they touch the track) of built up grease and dirt,. Use tweezers to remove carpet fuzz, hair, and tinsel from the gears and axles. Clean grease and dirt from the center rail roller pickups with mineral spirits, denatured alcohol, or a spray degreaser. Pay special attention to the roller axles. DO NOT OIL the roller pickups. Ensure the wheels roll freely and that no debris is caught in the gears. Continued click here

How to Replace Coil Coupler Springs

here are two common problems that develop with the coil coupler over time; the plunger spring becomes weak and the knuckle won't stay closed, or the knuckle spring breaks or loses its tension and the coupler won't come open without outside intervention. Continued click here

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