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Lionel Train Repair Videos from JWTRAINS.COM

Volume 1 Topics:

     Whistling Tenders, Smoke Units, Reversing Units, Relays,  Roller Pickup Assemblies, Top Truck Performance, and UCS Track Sections.  60 Minutes

Volume 2 Topics:

   F3 Maintenance, Steam Turbines, Motorized Units, Diesel Horns, Enhanced Smoke Unit,  Engine Operating Tips, and Slider Shoe Pickups.  60 Minutes

Volume 3 Topics

   Steam Locomotives, Frame Mounted Motors, O Gauge Remote Control Switches and Controllers, ZW/VW Transformers.  60 Minutes

Volume 4 Topics

   Time Saving Repair Tools and Techniques, Safe Cleaners, Assorted Test Devices, Lubricants, Adhesives, and Restoring Tips.  30 Minutes

Note The videos are now available on DVD.  The cost is: 

Volume 1    $15.95                                                                    Volume 2   $15.95                                                                     Volume 3   $15.95                                                                    Volume 4   $7.95 or FREE if you order volumes 1, 2, and 3. 

Please add $1.35 for each DVD shipping.  I ship through the United States Postal Service only.   

Example:  Vol's 1-4    $47.85                                                  Shipping (4x $1.35)       5.40                                               

Total                        $53.25

Send check or money order to:

P.O. Box 601371
San Diego, CA 92160

Please include your email address with your order.



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