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As Seen in the November 2005 Issue of: 
Classic Toy Trains Website

How-to articles

Jim Weatherford, CTT’s former Q&A columnist, offers an extensive line of how-to repair articles for postwar Lionel trains. Available are a series of articles in four general categories: locomotives, tenders, accessories, and operating cars. Each article contains detailed instructions, close-up images, tool lists, and testing and re-assembly instructions. Articles are on a CD and are in an e-book format (reader software is included). Mac users need to use a PC emulation program. Prices vary by complexity: a repair article for the no. 736 Berkshire costs $13.75 and a repair article for the no. 3469 coal dump car costs $12.25.

 From our webmaster: Lionel Repair articles are now available for download through a secure PayPal DRM system as we phase out the CD-ROM order versions.

The Long-term storage article has step by step information on how to maintain and bring your Lionel train collection out of storage. If you are going to store your trains for a while or if you are going to bring them out of storage you need this article. The information  can be applied to other brands of 027 - 0 Gauge trains, HO and garden railroads.

 Your webmaster used this new article to bring a set out of storage and found that it was fun and easy to use.

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