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Modern Model Railroading Trends

Do you want to repair your Lionel postwar trains?  The articles purchased through this web site will enable you to gain experience on how to fix, restore, and maintain your 0-27 and O gauge model trains. I am initially focusing on the period from 1946 through 1969, commonly known as the Postwar Era. There were hundreds of thousands of trains produced by Lionel during this era and there are numerous third parties currently making replacement parts.  So, potentially thousands of pieces can be put back in service, including yours.

Why should you buy my repair articles?  Each article has detailed instructions with accompanying close-up pictures of how to disassemble the item, what tools are needed, how to service all the major components, e.g., motors, E-units, smoke units, power trucks, power pickup assemblies, and relays, how to test each component, and how to reassemble everything.  Typically, the price of one article is less than what it would cost to have the item serviced by a qualified repairman.

I do not provide parts numbers for all components since they are available through other publications.  I do use the correct name for the parts (either common or factory designated) so you can properly identify them when ordering.

The executable program that runs on your personal computer also allows you to print copies of pages you may want to have at your workbench.

What does JWTRAINS.COM provide free?  You get a list of the tools I have found that allow me to complete 98% of the typical repairs; an index of light bulbs for all the Lionel postwar locomotives, tenders, operating cars, accessories, and transformers; tips that answer frequently asked questions; and interesting train-related puzzles. 

Here's a typical example of how the site works: You have a locomotive (say it's a number 54 Ballast Tamper) that no longer performs correctly and you want to get it running again.
     1. Click on Locomotives (left side of the web page)
     2. Find 54 on the displayed list and click it
     3. Review the image to ensure it's like yours

Once you decide you want the article, go to the "How to order articles" link for complete information.

What do the articles contain?  Each locomotive article addresses disassembly, servicing the motor, servicing the E-unit, servicing the dc relay and horn (if diesel and it's applicable), servicing the smoke unit (if steam and it's applicable),  maintenance of the power truck, and reassembly.  Tender articles will guide you through servicing the motor, the relay, cleaning the trucks, and rewiring the roller pickups. 

Similar details are employed for the operating cars and accessories.

How to read the articles.  The articles are mailed to you on CD-ROMs.  They are in an Electronic Book (Ebook) format that has the reader embedded in the file.  (Click here to download a small sample to your PC.)  All you have to do to open the file is to insert the CD into your CD-ROM drive and it will automatically run the file.  MacIntosh users must use their PC emulator.

You may find the Light Bulb Index to be useful information.  I've listed the bulb type for all the Lionel Postwar locomotives, tenders, operating cars, accessories, and transformers.  It's important to use the correct bulb to avoid damage to plastic parts.

Be sure to check out the "Puzzle Fun" link.  You can select the game difficulty by clicking on the "change cut" box on the left side of the puzzle page.



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Modern model railroad trends

Learn how to repair Lionel trains